What is the tie between philosophy and sculpture, and as follows: between gnosis and postmodernism?
Gnosis is the revelation of a “hidden history” for the uninitiated, about the origin of the universe, origin of evil and about dualism. To have gnosis can shape the state through which answers are coming to ontological matters, which we all question during our life.

It is highly interesting to underline those characters of postmodernism noted by David Tracy, which explains the postmodern interest for the mystical and apofantic tradition.
It is about the disposition towards marginal, towards excluded.
Postmodernists fight for writing „a history of present... in such a manner, that what or one has been forgotten, “the other”; the repressed of the modern tradition - hystericals, fools, nonconformists, mystics, avant-garde artists – are left to talk and by this to decompose a modern present into one with lack of content”

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Edit. Anastasia, Bucharest, 1996

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